Month: March 2016

Rhinoceros3d Courses in #Madrid

In April, one of our main architects will be teaching a new course on #Rhinoceros 3d and #GH in Madrid at Artes Creativas School.

In Spanish or English.


Playful Kindergarten

At morfoLL arch+dzn we all think kindergartens should be like a small neighbourhood for kids to learn and play. More then just a closed space, a “pratical landscape” where to develop the first skills. Take a look at this one here.

hakusui-nursery-school-y hakusui-nursery-school

Fonte Boa House…with a view.


An amazing project by portuguese architect João Mendes Ribeiro, mixes the in and out in singular space.

Relaxing architecture


From the home country of our founder, comes one of the best hospitality projects for such location, check it out…

Simpicity can be very beautiful…


“Inspired by the art of American sculptor Richard Serra, the A Chapel exhibits immaculate minimalism for visitors of any creed, religion or following to enjoy. Located in a natural open plain, the surprising structure defies and interrupts the horizontal field in in Vojvodina, northern Serbia. However striking, the design consists of just two entities – a ramp made of cor-ten sheets and a roof of steel sheets. It serves as an undisturbed beacon of light, gathering place and point of meditation.”

as seen in Yanko Design

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